About This Book

Highway Radar is an application to help drivers be aware of road hazards, cameras, and speed traps. It collects traffic-related information from multiple sources and provides notices on potential risks on the road.

Highway Radar is an advanced tool and has a steep learning curve. This application isn't an easy "plug and play" application; think of it as more of a professional instrument for drivers. It requires a fair amount of learning and configuration before its full potential is available.

This book is a comprehensive guide to the Highway Radar application. It describes all of its features and shows some insights into how the application works internally. This book aims to familiarize the reader with all of the application capabilities and make the application predictable for the end-user.

The book has three main chapters

  • Basic Setup chapter provides the minimum required information required to start using the application.
  • Features Walkthrough chapter covers all the application features. In that chapter, sections marked with (A) are "advanced" sections and describe complex yet compelling features requiring steep learning curves.
  • Change Log chapter contains information about changes between different versions. Everything in this book covers the latest version of the application, which is now v3.0. This book is constantly getting updated as new versions are released. Whenever a new version of the application is out, a section is created in this chapter.

The application is supported for Android versions no older than 5 years. Highway Radar can be launched on older versions of Android, but correct implementation of all features is not guaranteed.

If you have any questions, or there is anything not covered in this book, please post in the application support section on RDForum. Alternatively, you may send an email to [email protected].

Highway Radar is free to use and doesn't contain any ads or trackers. There are no "premium" or "pro" features. The development is entirely supported by users' donations. If you enjoy this application, please consider donating. Thanks!